Local Memories by Area Citizens

I have lived by Forada all my life and of course some of my earliest memories are going to school at Forada and attending many functions at the Forada Hall.

The Hall location was actually in the east half of the building that now houses Forada Liquor. May people and organizations used the hall. Baby showers, bridle showers, wedding receptions, anniversaries, graduations, card and bingo parties, fish fries, fire department events, 4-H meetings, were just some of th many functions I attended at the Hall. While I was in the 3rd grade, the hall was also a school during the time the new schoolhouse was being built in 1958.

Carolyn Yanda/Chlian

I would like to mention several special memories of living nearly 90 years in the Forada area. The town was only ten years old when I was born, so I have seen most changes & events that happened over the years.

Charles Lindberg landed his plan in Forada in 1923. He was trying to raise money to pay for his solo flight, so he gave rides for $5.00 a head. I still remember seeing him fly over our house just west of town.

The great depression lasted for 11 years and had a strangling impact in our community. The drought brought clouds of dirt rolling over Forada, especially severe in 1930 thru 1934. Maple Lake water level dropped 10 feet and revealed what appeared to be a cobblestone roadway. We could have taken a Model A and driven over the lake bed in areas. In areas now fished, we walked thru 10 foot can break while hunting pheasants.

A 32 room hotel was dismantled in Mpls., transported by rail to Forada and re-constructed in 1923. People wanting to fish our lakes rented rooms and some area was also used as office space.

Forada was home to a potato warehouse. Rail cars hauled shipments to the metro areas.

The Hudson grocery store ran silent movies in a room above the store. They used a 32 volt generator to power the projector.

Our town was a booming, bustling community with about 18 storefronts, a bank, several resorts, a post office, a church, a school and of course a depot.

Congratulations on 100 years and growing again!

Frank Yanda Jr. (deceased)