In 1902, the Soo Line Railroad determined another station was needed between Glenwood and Alexandria. A surveyor was sent to acquire 75 acres for a town site located on the shore of beautiful, spring fed, Maple Lake, and known in the state for richness and natural beauty. The surveyor was given the privilege of naming the town. He wished to name it for his wife, Ada. There already was an Ada, Minnesota, so he named if For Ada. Thus, Forada was born.

Forada prospered for several years with two grocery stores, hardware store, hotel, doctor’s office, blacksmith shop, saloon, drug store, photograph shop, lumber yard, stock yard, and the Forada Opera House.

As transportation improved, Alexandria and Glenwood flourished, but Forada’s growth ceased. The people, many of who are descendants of the early settlers, had not given up. Forada was incorporated in 1905.

The railroad, now owned by Canadian Pacific, still runs through Forada many times a day in route to Northern Minnesota and Canada. There are now two successful bar/restaurants, a supper club used for many special events, a new bank, three resorts, a seasonal campground, a nine hole golf course, Volunteer Fire Department, First Responders, Lions Club, Senior Citizen’s Club, 4-H club, Coffee Ladies Club, and the Forada Birthday Club.

We welcome you to our community!